“La oportunidad de vivir en un país donde la violencia no tiene cabida exige que se construya una masculinidad diferente e incluyente para la paz, gestando victorias y cometiendo errores que permitan transformar quiénes somos y construir paz. Un hombre a la vez.”

“The opportunity to live in a country where violence has no place demands that a different and inclusive masculinity be built for peace, making victories and mistakes that allow the transformation of who we are and to make peace. One man at a time.”

- Sebastian Molano, founder of DGR

Defying Gender Roles aims to create change at the individual level as a way to affect society. 


We seek to:

  1. Empower men to question what it means to be a man today and to reflect on how gender roles inform our actions and affect our lives. 
  2. Expose practices, behaviors and attitudes that justify and perpetuate gender inequality.
  3. Denormalize practices that perpetuate gender inequality and reinforce traditional gender roles. 
  4. Contribute to deconstructing harmful male gender roles in society. 
  5. Engage women and non-binary people actively in this conversation, as gender equality is about recognizing how men and women experience life differently and take actions that allow them both to fully exercise their rights and live the life they wish to live.
  6. Promote the full exercise of human rights for all and their enjoyment.


WE STRIVE TO Promote dialogue on the concrete use of actions and practices that openly challenge harmful gender roles, seeking to empower and include men and women.

Defying Gender Roles (DGR) seeks to expose alternative ways of understanding masculinity in men, as well as by openly questioning attitudes, behaviors, and actions that are directed against gender equality.

Through this, DGR strives to break down antagonistic relationships, such as the good man versus the bad man, the alpha male versus the beta male. It is an effort to recognize the nuances of masculinity, the complexities and contradictions of being a man today. In addition, it is an opportunity to build bridges of understanding between men and women, and among ourselves, regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality.

Our Values

Humans are much more complex than what traditional gender roles have assigned us.

The cornerstone of this process of liberation is critical reflection. This means a purposeful introspective process that invite us to review what informs our actions, attitudes, and beliefs around gender. We understand gender as a structural power relation. As such, the way in which each of us experience gender is deeply personal.  Gender is one of the fundamental pieces of who we are, how we see the world, and how the world perceives us. However, it is not the only factor that shape our experience in life. As result, in DGR we strongly believe that we need to take into consideration other key factors such as race, sex, religion, ability, age and class. 

Our Founder

Sebastián Molano is the Leader and Founder of Defying Gender Roles (DGR). Sebastián has 13 years of international experience working in Latin America and the Caribbean, from the humanitarian response in Haiti to field development work in Central America and extensive electoral work in over 20 elections.  

Currently, Sebastián works as Gender Advisor for Oxfam America in Boston. In addition, he temporarily serves as Special Advisor to Oxfam’s President. He has extensive experience working and advising organizations such as Promundo, the Organization of American States (OAS), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Value for Women and the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). As a communicator for social change, Sebastian gives presentations in national and international scenarios on gender issues, He also writes in English and Spanish on topics related to gender and masculinity