Defying Gender Roles aims to create change at the individual level as a way to affect society. 

Our Mission

We seek to:

• Empower men to question what it means to be a man today and to reflect on how gender roles inform our actions and affect our lives. 

• Expose practices, behaviors and attitudes that justify and perpetuate gender inequality.

•"De-normalize" practices that perpetuate gender inequality and reinforce traditional gender roles. 

• Contribute to deconstructing harmful male gender roles in society. 

• Engage women actively in this conversation, as gender equality is about recognizing how men and women experience life differently and take actions that allow them both to fully exercise their rights and live the life they wish to live.

• Promote the full exercise of human rights for all and their enjoyment.

We will post topics for discussion, but we're also going to let this grow organically and discover how people use it.

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